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Create a Quote in ClearQuote: Farm
Consult this guide for quoting a Farmowners policy in ClearQuote. NOTE: This begins after Account Setup; view "Account Setup in ClearQuote" for Account Setup instructions.
Video: Create a Farm Quote in ClearQuote
Run time 8:16. This video walks you through the quoting process for a Farm quote. NOTE: For details on how to set up a Farm account, consult the ClearQuote Account Setup from Agent Center video.
Video: Introduction to Farm Umbrella
Run time: 2:43. This video provides an initial introduction to the Farm Umbrella. NOTE: For quoting a Farm Umbrella, consult the Create a Farm Umbrella in ClearQuote video.
Video: Introduction to CLT - Farm
Run time: 3:01. This video provides an introduction to Commercial Lines Transformation for farm agents, including highlights of quoting a farm in ClearQuote. NOTE: For details on quoting a farm in Cl...
Video: Underwriting Issues for Agents - Farm
Video runtime: 3 min 17 sec

This video describes the Automated Decision Making process in ClearQuote, includes on-screen messaging, alerts, and underwriting referrals.
Video: Create a Farm Umbrella in ClearQuote
Run time: 3:17. This video provides the steps for quoting a Farm Umbrella in ClearQuote.
Video: Introduction to ClearQuote - Commercial and Farm
Video runtime: 4 min 07 sec

This video introduces commercial and farm agents to the CLT quoting system, ClearQuote.
Video: How to Make a Change in PolicyCenter
Video runtime: 4 min 59 sec

In this video learn how to make a change to an account and a policy in PolicyCenter. This video is intended for both commercial and farm agents.
Video: Review and Quote in ClearQuote
Video runtime: 3 min 20 sec

This video shows the key features on the Review and Quote screen in ClearQuote. This video is intended for both commercial and farm agents.
Video: Set up Billing and Issue Policy in PolicyCenter
Video runtime: 3 min 45 sec

This video walks through the process of setting up billing, issuing a quote, and completing the eSignature process in PolicyCenter. This video is intended for b...
Instructional Guide: PolicyCenter Navigation
This instructional guide is intended To help agents navigate common PolicyCenter transactions. Also in this instructional guide is a quick reference for common transactions NOT conducted in PolicyCent...
Video: Overview of Migration (Farm)
Video run time 3:26. This video introduces agents to the Policy Migration process and timeline.
ClearQuote Account Set Up from Agent Center: Farm
Video runtime: 5 min 42 sec

This video walks through the Account Setup process for Farm accounts in ClearQuote.
Instruction Guide: Account Set Up in ClearQuote - Commercial, Harleysville, and Farm
This instructional guide provides the step by step process on setting up an account in ClearQuote. This guide includes Commercial/PCIO, Harleysville, and Farm accounts.
Instructional Guide: Create a CIM in ClearQuote
This instructional guide walks you through how to create a Commercial Inland Marine policy in ClearQuote. NOTE: Includes how to add some coverages in PolicyCenter.